Cultural Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is mesmerising, from the rediscovered culture in the north to the tantalising beaches in the south

Few places in the world offer the diversity of Sri Lanka. For a country around the same size as Ireland with a population about the same as Australia, this little island nation seems to have been hiding in plain sight. Once found, however, it is a sensory delight to travel, with dynamic towns full of old forts, temples and impressive ruins. There are wildlife-rich jungles chock-full of elephants, jaguars, monkeys and crocodiles as well as golden beaches with world-class surfing and views.  From the bustle of Cosmopolitan Colombo to the laid back beaches of Arugam Bay, the endless fields of tea plantations in Haputale to Jaffna and the rediscovered north, each pocket contained its own unique footprint. These photographs attempt to showcase some of the beauty of Sri Lanka and what made it so undeniably alluring.

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